Me and Scottish Power


Well this is exciting isn’t it? My return to blogging and I’m going to tell you all about how the change from a Scottish Power key meter to a credit one has gone – it all started seven and a half weeks ago…

6th June

Rang and arranged appointment to get key meter changed to a credit one. We get offered a good tariff and our electricity charges are due to fall from 17p a unit to just over 10p. Our monthly costs are due to fall considerably which is good news.

27th June

Appointment booked for between 4-8pm – nobody turns up, no explanation given by either people at the Scottish Power call centre or their Twitter account. Nobody has any idea why the engineer didn’t turn up – they just didn’t. £30 compensation is issued to me, one hour’s leave has been taken and next earliest appointment is booked in on 13th July.

13th July

Engineer turns up, says he can’t do the job as he can’t find the switch for the meter. Leaves. Annual leave taken = 4 hours for the morning. Ring Scottish Power and they book in a new appointment for 22nd July between 12-4pm

22nd July

Annual leave taken – 4 hours. Nobody turns up. At 2pm I ring Scottish Power and they assure me that the appointment is booked in and that someone will turn up but to ring them if they don’t. They don’t so I ring again and am informed in this phone call that no appointment was ever booked in for the 22nd July even though I’d been told two hours previously that it was all booked in for that day.

I’m told on the phone that it was actually booked in for 28th July between 8-6pm. I am asked if I wish to make a complaint and I say that I do and a complaint is raised and I am assured that the person overseeing the complaint will ring me on 28th July to confirm that the appointment is proceeding that day.

27th July

I ring Scottish Power to check that the appointment on the 28th July is going ahead – I am told that no such appointment is booked in for me on their systems and that the only one that can be found is one for 22nd July – you know, the one in the previous week which a) nobody turned up to, b) which I was told didn’t actually exist and c) which I had taken leave for.

I have now had enough and say that I am going to contact the ombudsman about this due to the amount of time it’s taken, the leave I’ve had to take and the conflicting information that has been given out to me. I am told to hold which I do and then when the Scottish Power employee comes back onto the line I’m told that he’s spoken with the contractor and that an appointment is due on the 28th July between 6-8pm – this is great but leave has already been booked for the day as I was told on 22nd of July that the appointment would be taking place between 8 and 6pm.

28th July

No phone call from the person overseeing my complaint to let me know that the appointment is taking place. I am holding my breath with anticipation as to whether anybody will turn up this evening – I’ll update you and Scottish Power later.


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