What I’m reading at the moment.



I read a lot of crime fiction and a fair bit of it is by Scandinavian/Nordic authors, yes I’ve read the Stieg Larrson books and some Wallander too but I’ve also discovered other writers who I’ve found incredibly rewarding –  Arnaldur Indriðason and Hakan Nesser are two of my particular favourites but now it’s time to take on the mighty Jo Nesbø I read The Snowman when it first came out over in the UK “The New Stieg Larsson!” and when I discovered that it wasn’t the first in the series I almost wept with disappointment. I hate reading books out of order and whilst I’m sure that there are reasons as to why this happens my experience is that crime fiction readers would rather read series books in order so that they can get to know the characters that they are reading about. Anyway that is a rant for another day and what you need to know is that I took a vow not to read another Harry Hole book until they were all out in English and this happened on 28 November 2013 when the second book in the series Coackroaches was finally published in the UK in English. 

I made a start on them last Monday and a week in I am on the fifth one and rapidly approaching the moment when I have to decide whether or not I’m going to read The Snowman again – I think I probably will. I don’t think I’ll review all the books individually as there are loads and loads of  Jo Nesbø reviews out there so I think I’ll just give an oversight of what I made of the series as a whole – I hope this okay with you. In the meantime I have some reviews for you to read and all constructive criticism is more than welcome.


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