Mini book review – Ghostman



A Ghostman is the person who comes in and tidies up after a crime goes wrong. In this case the Ghostman is hired to clear up after a raid on an armoured truck delivering cash to a casino in Atlantic City goes wrong. The hunt is on for the surviving thief and the cash before it explodes and through the GPS inside the bag the whereabouts of the cash is discovered.

Ghostman does work as an engaging thriller which flips between the story in Atlantic City and a previous job in Malaysia which went wrong explaining why our Ghostman had to take the job in Atlantic City. There are a lot of guns, lots of cars, shootings and gangsters plus their henchmen but taken as a whole it just didn’t do it for me.

I’m sure there are Ghostmen out there but I just felt that the story needed such suspension of disbelief that I laughed in places where I probably shouldn’t have laughed. The reader is expected to believe that by a quick use of make up it easy to change one’s appearance so to such an extent that a member of the FBI wouldn’t know that she’d spoken to you half an hour before. Can you really change the appearance of your face to similar extent simply by scowling a bit? Kill three people and be let go by the FBI because the female agent has taken a shine to you?

It was situations like those that overshadowed the terrific and punchy writing that flowed throughout the book but if you’re willing to overlook them or if you think that I’m totally wrong and that such things do happen regularly in the criminal world then this is the book for you.


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