Crime Fictions Reviews!!!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog I do like to read. According to my Goodreads account I read 161 books in 2013 and the majority of them were crime fiction books. I’ve read crime fiction since my early teens and like to discover new authors, old authors, I have authors who I’ve read everything by, foreign authors who I’ve held off from reading as not everything has been translated yet so I can’t read the complete series of books.

If I had to choose five authors who were my favourites then I’d really struggle but I do like Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, Tony Black, Mark Billingham – oh that’s five right there and I know that as soon as I’ve published this then I’ll think of five more – hang on – Allan Guthrie, Ray Banks, SJ Bolton, Neil White and so on and so on – I love crime fiction and there are literally dozens and dozens and brilliant writers out there. 

 There are lots of crime fiction blogs out there and Gruffsdad’s bog isn’t going to become a blog based solely around crime fiction – my aim is to witter on about stuff that takes my fancy but also write about the books that I’ve read and if some of you read a review and decide to read the book I’ve read then that will be most excellent. My first review is coming up – be gentle with me.


One thought on “Crime Fictions Reviews!!!

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been sifting through blogs that focus on crime and murder, seeking a few reviewers who might be interested in my novel, MURDERgODS. I’ve read through some of your reviews so I recognize the value of gaining your support.

    MURDERgODS is an outside-the-box horror story that I believe you will enjoy. It is a violent, fictional exploration of psychopaths, and it’s loaded with plot twists. It is everything a midnight-reader could love. If you have a few minutes to poke around my website,, you’ll get a few laughs and learn enough about MURDERgODS to discover your level of interest. (I’m distributing it at Click the link and you’ll theoretically be able to read the first 20 or 30 pages. I don’t know whether embedded hyperlinks will work for you, or if they try to redirect only to the displayed text. Actual link: Ugly, huh.)

    The book mirrors the website’s attitude, prying humor from horror, so you’ll be entertained both by the website and by the book. As would be your readers.
    I’m a new writer (this is my first novel) as well as an ancient writer (30 drudge-years of tech writing, mostly in the stratospheric realm of software architecture), and I’m eager to earn the support of a few solid leaders. Those who follow your reviews would enjoy MURDERgODS—they’re the audience I’m writing to—but they may never learn my book exists unless you help me open the door.
    In your review of A Plague of Crows, you mentioned that you enjoy when authors successfully “combine humour with the macabre.” As you can glean from the website, that is my intent, too.

    In your review of Scarecrow, you mentioned that “Thomas Harris’ books aren’t quite the litmus test for what makes a good yarn about sociopaths.” In bumping him down your list a bit, I’m hoping that you’ve made just enough room to add me to your high-end writers. (Hannibal, the movie, by the way, ends with Clarisse accompanying Hannibal to Buenos Aires (Rio?), but I read the book after seeing the movie and felt Harris’s ending was not just better but more in line with how Clarisse would have reacted. So much for Hollywood.)

    Another aspect of your reviews that draws my attention is that you write negative reviews—as in your coverage of Ghost Man by Roger Hobbs—with the same even-handedness demonstrated in your positive reviews. I like that, but hope I’ll earn your positive praise.

    At very least, I hope you’re interested. I would be grateful to read your opinions, and I would be happy to answer questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tony Brown

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