The Screamadelica Half Dozen

I was a music snob. Nobody ever said it to my face but it was the truth and my mantra was “I was into a band before you were and now that you’re into them that band have obviously sold out and they are now rubbish.”

 My car once got broken into and the CDs that were in there got stolen – my insurance covered the loss so that was okay but what wasn’t fine was that my copy of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica that went missing was on Creation Records and the version out there at Amazon was on Sony – what was I to do? Well obviously being the music snob that I was I obviously went online to Ebay and searched for a copy of Screamadelica on Creation Records. The seller didn’t seem surprised or confused that I was asking him about this and my CD was duly dispatched and I was very happy.

 Since then this copy of Screamadelica on Creation has gone up into the roof as I bought the deluxe boxset with CDs, DVD, double vinyl, book and a t-shirt which came out in 2011 on er…Sony.  I did mixtapes for friends and fretted that I had too many 4AD artists in a row on side one, I secretly laughed along with the Spillers Records staff at the person in the queue in front of me buying some rubbish in an indie record store when surely HMV or Virgin was where they should have been. The fact that Spillers had the item in stock was obviously lost on us all. I sneered at people who had their copy of Happy Mondays’ “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” with the replacement copyright friendly sleeve which could be made worse if it wasn’t even on Factory Records – where the hell where they when the “Forty Five E.P.” aka “Delightful” ep came out?!?. I hated music that actually I quite liked but which didn’t fit into my trendy criteria filter and worst of all I was disloyal – I gave up on a band if they had a big hit (Mulder and Sculler by Catatonia, anybody?), or even if they went from an indie label to a major – The House of Love, I betrayed you!!! Oh God, I was an arsehole.

 Do I have a point to this? Well apart from the fact that I’ve wasted money on bands that were rubbish despite what the NME and the Guardian were telling me, despite going into record shops over the years and being told, “Oh this is great, get this!” and buying it without even listening to it, despite, buying the same record on several occasions (Hello again Screamadelica!), despite sticking with an artist and buying the increasingly rubbish CDs that they put out because I was worried that someone might come over to my house and pick me up on missing items from my collection (This has NEVER happened!!!) I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve finally reached the conclusion that none of it really matters.

 The only thing that does matter is the music, do you like it? Does it make you feel good? Does it get you singing? Can it make you cry? Does it make you want to tell people about it? That’s what matters to me and I will keep on telling myself that over and over and over again until it finally goes into my stupid head.

 So basically I what I’ve realised is that if I want to listen to ELO then I bloody will.

 Those copies of Screamadelica I have owned in full (in order of purchase):

  1. Original release on Creation (Gave to a friend (Dave Morgan) for his birthday)
  2. Replacement copy for (i) on Creation (Got stolen when my car got broken into)
  3. Replacement copy on Creation (As mentioned above – bought on Ebay from a very understanding seller)
  4. Double vinyl (Bought when I got a lovely new turntable)
  5. Deluxe boxset on Sony*
  6. Record Store Day edition – double red vinyl with the addition of the Dixie Narco ep on vinyl.

 * The Screamadelica deluxe boxset didn’t come with a badge but have no fear, I already had an enamel one that I got when I saw Primal Scream play CardiffUniversity in 1994. Of course I did.

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