The Twilight Zone 2013 Task

As mentioned earlier on my blog I have set myself the task of watching every single episode of The Twilight Zone and today I made a start on this by watching the first two episodes ‘Where is Everybody?’ and ‘One For the Angels’.





I won’t give away any of the twists but right from the off each episode had the unsettling atmosphere that I remembered from my childhood and that scared me out of my wits. The really unexpected part of my viewing was that my six year old son Nye sat down and watched the shows with me and he loved them, explaining to me what was going on, what he thought was going to happen and stating that he wanted to watch some more with me – we are going to do this.

What I hadn’t known about TTZ were things like who they had to do things like composing the music – ‘Where is Everybody?’ had Bernard Herrmann scoring it and this was at the same time that he was working with Hitchcock on North by Northwest! It’s a typical Herrman score, subtle melodies underscored by sinister chord progressions that really aid the story along as the character develops during the episode.

One For the Angels is a battle between life and death with the message that when it’s your time to go then that’s basically it no matter how hard you try. Another Herrmann score but this time one drawn from some of his previous work.

What I loved about watching this episodes apart from the quality of the storylines was the view into the lost world that is 1950s America, jukeboxes, Cold War fears, drugstores with ice cream parlours – it fascinated me. The blu-rays themselves are fantastic and the restoration of each episode exquisite. There are so many extras for each episode but they might have to wait until 2014.

2 episodes down, 154 to go!

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